Sunday, April 10, 2011

weekly accountability: April 10-17

Teaching is going to take over (even more of) my life this week. I have two exams to finish grading, and two more to write for Friday. My exams are a mix of multiple choice, fill in the blank, and a short essay. In the class I took over for a colleague, however, the exams are 8 essay questions. Students typically fill an entire blue book answering them. There are 60 students in the class. The exams are scheduled for every 3 weeks. I don't know how she manages!*

I did submit an internal grant application last week, and I worked out some logistics for my research this summer. Otherwise, I graded and worked on class prep.

This coming week, I'll write exams, grade exams, and curse exams.
*OK, she manages because she doesn't have two preschoolers, and she isn't teaching two even bigger introductory classes at the same time.

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  1. Last week, I finished some editing. This week: more editing (a different paper).