Wednesday, April 27, 2011

life post

I may not blog much for the next few weeks. My grandmother died, so I'm heading home for the funeral. She was a second mother to me, so her loss is hard. But, as a friend said, one of the only good things about Alzheimer's is that your loved-one's death is a blessing, by the time it happens.

I'm leaving for Europe two days after I return from the funeral, then I have five days to grade everything from the semester and turn in final grades. I leave a few days later for 2.5 months at my favorite museum, having fun with big game and enjoying my old grad-school haunts.

I hope to be blogging once I'm settled in Old Grad Town, but I may not blog much before that. I hope you all have a good end to your semester!


  1. I lost a grandmother with Alzheimer's too. Sending good thoughts your way.