Monday, February 28, 2011

weekly accountability: February 27-March 5

I'm going to keep my "weekly accountability" posts, but this semester I'm just going to mention my (few) successes, and keep it at that. I've only managed my daily writing hour on one or two days a week since the semester began. Yet, I'm massively behind on all of my grading and class prep. Now that I'm teaching four classes, I have even less time for research.

My only real goal for the next few weeks is to write my SAA paper. I'm starting to get nervous, because I'm presenting in a "star-studded" symposium!


  1. I didn't meet my goals last week. It was one of those weeks when everything else I had to do took twice as long as I planned, sigh. My goal for this week is to write the proposal I was supposed to do last week.

  2. Good luck with the paper, Palimpsest. I stopped setting clear goals for a few weeks. Then my co-authors sat on something, and O. got sick last week, and I made no progress and later wondered why I felt so stressed out.

    This week I need to get a revised article draft back out to co-authors for final approval.

    I will be really sorry to miss everyone at SAAs. I thought about just buying a plane ticket at the last minute and going anyway (my co-authors are giving our paper). Of course, I don't have any travel funding.

  3. Oooh! You should just come and hang out with us!! Alas, it's massively expensive. Oh, well.