Wednesday, February 23, 2011

5 things I shouldn't love, but do

I couldn't come up with 10.

1) Roadkill (Obviously!)

2) Blizzards (I'm not the one to shovel, so if I don't have to drive in them, I find them beautiful and fascinating. The more snow the better!)

3) Grading (I don't know why, I enjoy seeing how students do on an exam, and trying to figure out what went wrong on certain topics. And, less kindly, some students deserve to fail, and I enjoy meeting out poetic justice. I get tired of essays, though.)

4) Musicals(Whether Bollywood or classic Rogers and Hammerstein, I enjoy large groups of people inexplicably bursting into song.)

5) Spreadsheets (I love playing with data. Maybe that's not a "guilty" pleasure, like the others, but I can spend many happy hours just moving things around in Excel.)

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