Tuesday, February 15, 2011

men and women's commutes

After yesterday's post on family togetherness, I found this post on commutes to be interesting. It turns out that men on average commute farther to work than women, but women drive a lot more, because of their role in hauling kids around and doing errands. There is no information in this post about how many men vs. women live in a different state/country than their spouse and kids. I assume it's mostly men who leave home to take jobs elsewhere, but I don't have any actual data on that. They do say that it appears women are deliberately choosing jobs that are closer to home (or homes closer to jobs) to help balance life/work issues.

Yesterday's post was useful, because it made me really think through the issues involved in splitting our family for a year. At this point, we're not going to consider it.


  1. I live 20 minutes from work. However, the trip home on days when I pick up the kids takes about an hour, between traffic, a slightly out-of-the-way location, and the time spent collecting their things and bundling them into the car. By the time I get home I often feel like I've been drained of blood... My husband has a 2-minute bike ride to work! We bought this house before kids, but if I ever manage to find a permanent job and we move, you can bet that the commute-pickup equation will be the deciding factor in where we live. (Well, that and school districts, ugh.)

  2. I agree. Right now, my commute is fine. Tiny Town is so tiny that I can walk or bike anywhere. If we leave, though, I will give a right arm to be within walking/biking distance of work/daycare/school or to be on a train or bus line, so I don't have to do the driving myself!