Monday, February 14, 2011

weekly accountability: Feb. 13-19

I'm beginning to think that there is no point to these accountability updates this semester. Here was my week:

Monday - lost two hours of work time in the morning when Bunny's preschool was delayed for weather reasons. That evening, Bunny had a fever and was so exhausted she had to be carried to bed.

Tue-Thur - Bunny had the flu, Dr. Mr. Palimpsest and I had to trade off staying home. Since I'm in the classroom 12 hours/week, and he's in the classroom 15 hours/week, neither of us had much work time. Lots of late nights trying to keep up with necessities.

Friday - Bunny felt much better in the morning, took a nap, woke up with a nasty secondary infection.

Sat-Sun - home with the kids, Bunny not feeling better until Sunday night.

Today, thank God, both kids are at daycare or preschool. This week we have two job candidates coming in, and I'm swimming in ungraded exams/assignments, so I don't think I'll be getting any writing done.


  1. I didn't finish my writing last week either. Our number finally came up in the stomach flu lottery, and I lost a couple of days.
    This week, I'll try that paper again...

  2. Oy! Sorry to hear that! Good luck this week.