Monday, January 10, 2011

weekly accountability: January 9-15

The daily writing hour and weekly accountability postings really helped me get things done last semester. I'm going to continue them in 2011, and I invite anyone who wishes to join me to post their weekly accounts in the comments section. (The post explaining the process is here.)

I don't even remember what my goals were over the break, but I didn't meet them. It was a slow research time, between my broken computer and our daycare provider's vacation (she only has faculty families in her daycare, so she knows we're not teaching and can take care of our own kids.) I did managed to make my co-author's suggested changes to an article and get it submitted, but that's it.

This week, I will write a book review. That sounds so short, and it would be, if I'd already read the book!

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  1. This week I will write the theory section of a paper I kept putting off over the break.