Monday, January 17, 2011

weekly accountability: January 16-22

My goal for last week was to finish a book review.

I did not meet my goal. Everybody got sick, including me. Stomach flu, ugh! Bunny didn't go to daycare because of it. Boo Too wasn't sleeping in the evenings, which cut down on my productive time, and basically I felt like death on a cracker. So, no book review.

My goals for next week are to finish the darn book review, and to write a short grant proposal.


  1. I am so sorry to hear this! Are you guys better by now? The flu is the worst. Have I thanked you profusely enough for the review?! Seriously, this is a huge help. --MB

  2. Ugh, stomach flu is the worst! We had pestilence in my family as well, but just bad colds thank goodness.

    My goal was to write the theory section of an article. I started it but haven't finished yet. But, I finished a draft of something else ahead of schedule, so I'm mostly satisfied. For next week, I'll finish up that theory section and write the case study background.

  3. We're better, although I'm still shaky. I don't know why I seemed to get it so much worse than everyone else! I can't complain, though, since I'm on the mend, and I'm thrilled neither of the kids were too sick.

  4. I got a paper draft to my co-authors last week. They have a deadline of Feb. 1 to respond.

    This week I am going to dust off an old paper and see if I could possibly revise it to submit somewhere. Among other things, it needs to go from about 14,000 words to 9,000. My goal is to figure out where to cut and to work up a better intro/conclusion.

    I got article revisions back today. They don't look too bad but I still don't feel like tackling them this week! At least one reviewer's comments will take some thought. --MB