Monday, January 24, 2011

weekly accountability: January 23-29

My goal for the past week was to finish a book review, and write a short grant proposal.

For the second week in a row, I did not meet my goals (argh!). I have a draft of the review, but it's not done yet, and I didn't get to the grant. I lost all of Monday to Bunny's stomach flu (and I wasn't feeling so hot myself). Monday is the day I do all of my class-prep, so I spent the rest of the week scrambling to get classes ready. I'm also just starting to adjust to this semester's schedule. I'll get it together soon!

This coming week, I'll finish the review, write the grant proposal, and hopefully start revising an article for resubmission.


  1. I mostly met my goals last week; I finished the article sections I'd assigned myself, but they need some really serious editing, and I just finished them a few minutes ago... For this week, I'll finish a draft of the rest of the article. It may be a pretty rough draft, though.

    I've been enjoying your posts about teaching lately. I hope the pestilence abates!

  2. Last week, my goal was to figure out where to cut a 14,000-word manuscript and to work up a better intro/conclusion. I met this goal, sort of. I certainly stared at the paper a lot. In the end, I figured out which chunk to cut off for submission. I know what the new intro/conclusion need to say but they aren't ready to go.

    This week my goal is to reorganize the content and try to pull together all tables and figures. After that I can see what I am missing and take another stab at the intro/conclusion.

    I just joined a Thurs. am writing group on campus; only one week down, so hard to say how it is going! --MB