Monday, December 13, 2010

U Penn again

I posted before about the repatriation case between the U Penn museum and the Tlingit community. I thought this article was interesting, because it gives more information about the "not-good Tlingit" (as he was called in the last article) who bought the items for the museum. He sounds like a fascinating person; he grew up in a traditional Tlingit community and ended up going to the Wharton business school and working for the museum. I can't imagine the level of personal conflict he must have felt, during a time of incredible change among his birth community. Perhaps he was trying his best to preserve the heritage of his people - an argument could be made for that interpretation - but at the same time, one could argue he was just selling off the Tlingit heritage. I'm glad I've never had to face such a dilemma.

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