Friday, May 25, 2012

Moving On

I've decided to close out this blog, and move on to a new, non-anonymous blog. Most of you know who I am, so you can find me pretty easily by googling my name. I'll try to put a link on my U webpage, too, once I've gotten that updated (the U is in the process of changing templates, so that may take a while). Also, I'll link to Facebook, so make sure we're Facebook friends! I've enjoyed writing this blog, but originally it was a way to blow off steam (hence the anonymity). Now I find I'm unable to get what I want from this blog because I'm not able to talk about my own work, or the specifics of classes, etc., if I want to remain anonymous. So, I hope I'll have some visitors over at my new blog, and that we can have more of a dialog under the more open conditions.