Sunday, March 13, 2011

weekly accountability: March 6-12

Pumpkin was home with croup at the beginning of the week, after being sick all weekend. Monday we could handle it, although the hand-off between Dr. Mr. Palimpsest's 9:15-10:20 class, and my 10:30-11:35 class was a bit tight. Tuesday I teach from 8-2, and I had office hours I could not cancel that afternoon, since I was giving an exam Thursday. So, I did what any bad mother would do, and loaded Pumpkin up with ibuprofen and sent him to daycare, praying we wouldn't get a call because his fever came back. He was fussy and overtired all week, but he was able to stay in daycare. (guilt, guilt)

I made a dent in my grading pile this week, and I taught all my classes, and I have declared victory.

But now it's Spring Break, baby! I haven't been this excited about spring break since I was an undergrad. I'm going to get completely caught up with my (embarrassingly large piles of) grading. I'm going to write both of my SAA papers. I'm going to write a couple small grant proposals. And, I'm going to have some honest-to-God downtime. I am going to take a long hot bath some afternoon while the kids are at daycare (assuming the croup-y cough that Bunny has developed doesn't keep her home.) I'm going to enjoy some creative hobbies. I'm going to have fun!

Yay, Spring Break!!!!!

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