Monday, November 15, 2010

weekly accountability: Nov 7-13

My writing goals for last week were to get a paper sent to my co-authors, then outline and begin the changes to the next paper. I also needed to finish the draft of a report for Excruciating Faculty Committee.

I met my research-related goals, although I did not write the @#$% report for EFC. Everyone was healthy this week (thank God!), but I've had to adjust for some last-minute major changes to my semester schedule, so even writing hour has fallen victim to my re-arranged priorities. It's all good stuff, but I'll be harried for the next few weeks.

My goals for this week are to finish the changes to the paper that my co-authors have suggested, finish the EFC report (which probably doesn't belong in this set of goals, since it's not research related), and I'm not sure what else I'll be able to do, because of an upcoming deadline.


  1. If your "upcoming deadline" is what I think it is, congratulations!!! (And good luck!)

  2. Definitely, three cheers for rearranged priorities!!!!

    My goals for last week were to get a paper (Article #1) to colleagues for final review and "start" grant pre-application. I met these goals, so to speak. I got feedback from colleagues and got hit pretty hard by MEH, actually, which isn't unusual for him. Why do I ever cook dinner for this guy? Anyway, the recommended changes can be handled in a day or two but I was deflated enough that I need to let the paper sit for a few more days. I "started" the pre-application, which consisted of reading another successful proposal and thinking about it.

    My goals for this week are to (1) finish a draft of the grant pre-proposal and get it to MH for approval before I submit it and (2) start Article #2. "Start" needs to mean at least a rough outline and contacting co-authors.