Saturday, October 30, 2010

weekly accountability: Oct 24-30

My writing goals for this week were to finish the body of the conference paper that I'm turning into a journal article and begin on the conclusions. Also, I hoped to keep all members of the family out of the hospital.

I met my writing goals (and the hospital goal, too, thank God!). If anyone is keeping track, that puts me about 3 weeks behind where I wanted to be at this point, but at least I'm still moving.

My writing goals for next week are to finish the conclusions, edit the whole paper, get the bibliography, tables, and graphs whipped into shape, and send it out to my co-authors. Then I hope to start outlining the changes to the next paper.

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  1. My writing goals for this week were to 1. write a better literature review for a couple of artifact types, 2. mine a report for some comparative data, 3. revise the theory section, and 4. finish a report for the last field season.

    I did not meet these goals. #4, the "oh yeah" afterthought, did not get touched!! I did indeed "revise" the theory section but it needs some serious editing with a clear head. Also I need to add a couple of references--not because they will add new information, but because reviewers will probably expect to see them.

    My writing goals for next week are to 1. finish the theory section, 2. finalize tables, figures, and bibliography, 3. add last references--and bring the draft to colleagues at a conference next weekend. I really want to bring that draft no matter what, so the paper draft is my top priority and I'll rush to get it done.

    The field report is still on my plate for ASAP--as is another short grant application (for the department) handed to me by a colleague and due Friday too! Only the grant application will get done. I resist labeling it as a writing goal.