Saturday, October 23, 2010

weekly accountability: Oct 17-23

My writing goals for this week were to to re-write the body of the conference paper that I'm turning into a journal article and begin on the conclusions.

I did not meet my writing goals. This week, it was Dr. Mr. Palimpsest who flirted with pneumonia. Now that everyone in the family has begun or finished at least one course of antibiotics, I'm hoping we'll be fully healthy and I'll be able to Get Sh#t Done!

My writing goals for next week are to finish the body of the paper. If we can all stay out of the hospital, I'll consider that a bonus.

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  1. My writing goals last week were to comment on a conference paper (I am a secondary author) and to work on an article by 1. straightening out my data table and my co-author's data table and 2. incorporate materials from our recent conference poster into the revised manuscript.

    I met these goals, although in the course of doing so, I realized what ELSE was wrong with my manuscript! My to-do list got a bit more detailed this week as a result. I had hoped I just had to revise the theory section. I have to wonder, will the following weeks' goals just get longer and longer as I approach my deadlines?

    My writing goals this week are to 1. write a better literature review for a couple of artifact types, 2. mine a report for some comparative data, and 3. revise the theory section. Oh yeah, I also need to 4. finish a report for the last field season.

    So sorry to hear you guys are still sick! Pneumonia?! I can't believe you haven't cancelled classes. I think I would have cracked. I am a little nervous about O.'s post-nasal drip, but we have been spared so far. With any luck you got the worst over with and now you're immune for the rest of the season.