Monday, April 5, 2010

sometimes you feel like a nut...

I've already mentioned that my department suffers from craziest person in the room syndrome. Well, today was a double-nut day. First, a meeting of Excruciating Faculty Committee, with Humanities Nut, who was particularly crazed today because she's convinced her department is on the chopping block (which just goes to show that you can be crazy, paranoid, and right). Second, I was blindsided during an advising session when my student informed me that Senior Colleague has decided not to teach our required senior capstone course next year - the one my student needed to graduate. SC had sent out an e-mail to all of the students telling them to find an "alternative", but hadn't bothered to inform the rest of us. The decision not to teach the class is partly a rational decision on her part to try to reduce a very heavy teaching load next year. I'm sure she also sees it as a bit of revenge for being forced to teach another class usually taught be a colleague who is escaping leaving.

No real point to this post - I just wanted to vent.

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