Saturday, September 18, 2010

weekly accountability: Sept. 12-18

Here is my weekly statement of writing accountability (as discussed in this post):

My goals for last week were to write a complete draft of my pre-tenure sabbatical application. I did not meet them (quite). Still, I'm very happy with my progress so far in the daily writing challenge. I did manage to write 2,800 words and get most of the basic text for the application written, but I still have to finish all of the references, write up a justification of the research methods I plan to use, and do a lot of editing.

I didn't meet my goals because I didn't start the daily writing hour until Wednesday, so I had a short week.

My writing goals for next week are to finish the pre-tenure sabbatical application and send it to colleagues for feedback, and then to re-write the introduction and background sections in a conference paper that I'm revising for publication.

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